I-601 Application for Hardship Waiver at Amervisa Law Offices 
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I-601 Application for Hardship Waiver at Amervisa Law Offices 

I-601 Application for Hardship Waiver at Amervisa Law Offices

of Grounds of Inadmissibility, is filed to permit an alien who  hasbeen denied admission to the United States to gain admission as a lawful permanent resident or fiancé(e) under certain circumstances. This waiver is based on extreme hardship to United States citizen or lawful permanent resident relatives of the alien which would result if the alien’s inadmissibility cannot be waived.

Each waiver case is very specific to the circumstances of each alien and his or her family. Additionally, all I-601 waivers are discretionary, and require the alien to establish his or her eligibility based on statutory grounds and, further, establish that the alien merits an exercise of favorable discretion by the immigration authorities. Therefore, it is always wise to consult with an immigration attorney who specializes in I-601 waivers before beginning the complicated process of filing an I-601 waiver. LUIZA MILLER, our lead immigration attorney, will be able to consult with you regarding every detail of your situation to advise you on Amervisa Law Offices’s preparation of an appropriately crafted I-601 Waiver Application with the best chance of success. Our I-601 checklists are appropriately tailored to each client’s case, and our process is unique among immigration law firms. We have successfully prepared numerous I-601 applications for applicants in the United States and abroad.

About Amervisa Law Offices, Hardship Waiver Practice

Amervisa Law Offices is a national immigration law firm located in Los Angeles, with offices in Miami, Las Vegas and Delano, has an outstanding reputation for its dedication to excellence in the practice of immigration law. Our firm represents clients in all areas of immigration law including business immigration, family immigration, physician and executive immigration, and immigration waivers. Amervisa Law Offices has extensive experience in national interest waiver, alien of extraordinary ability, outstanding professor and researcher petitions, and J waiver applications. Amervisa Law Offices hardship waiver practice consists of a team of several immigration attorneys and legal consultants who work on each waiver application.

The attorneys at Amervisa Law Offices are dedicated to being accessible to our waiver clients. We frequently work evenings and weekends and are committed to providing personal attention to each client. Amervisa Law Offices immigration lawyers care about obtaining approvals for our clients’ waivers and our dedication to winning cases has resulted in an outstanding record of successful waiver applications. We work hard to help our clients identify the hardship in their cases and to properly explain and document the hardship in our waiver applications.

Many of our cases involve complex immigration legal issues concerning crimes, misrepresentation, and unlawful presence in the United States. We have successfully obtained approvals in many immigration cases which were previously denied prior to our engagement as counsel. Attorney LUIZA MILLER welcomes challenging cases and has obtained approval for cases involving some of the most difficult issues in immigration law. Recent approvals for waiver applications filed by Amervisa have been issued in the United States. Attorney Miller is dedicated to explaining to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services the extreme hardship which would be incurred by the qualifying relatives in each waiver application if the waiver is not granted. The immigration lawyers at Amervisa Law Offices are committed to finding the unique hardship in each waiver case. Many times the hardship is not apparent until psychological evaluations are performed, medical records are obtained, or assessments of family ties and career interruption are performed. Amervisa Law offices dose not give up when the initial hardship assessment is not strong: we view this as a challenge which requires our hard work, research, and diligence to properly document and explain to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services the hardship which our clients are so obviously experiencing.

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I-601 Application for Hardship Waiver at Amervisa Law Offices